What does power or POWER mean to you?

What makes a strong person or personality?

And what does it have to do with force?

I would like to illuminate these questions once from a holistic and sustainable point of view, because I have the feeling that we are influenced by outdated concepts of power, obsession, manipulation and oppression.

Let’s first ask what POWER means at its core.

POWER in itself is an energy that I would describe as a special, mysterious force capable of shaping and influencing. Thus, it is an energy that has a strong power to unfold, a creative power. For me, therefore, power feels really good.

And what does POWER mean?

We attain real power when we align ourselves with high feelings such as kindness, love, goodness and compassion. Then we become unstoppable, then we have influence, then we are powerful.

Unfortunately, many of the powerful people on this earth do not master this true source of power. Because they do not know it. Because they do not know what it means to love. Instead, they are dominated by fear. And this fear dominates their thoughts and actions. They live out power in a form that is called “Force” in English.

If you contrast these words POWER and FORCE, you will immediately notice the difference, just from the sound of the words. Power is an absolute strength. Force, on the other hand, is something forced, fought for, a low energy that is not good for anyone.

Real power is when people touch people’s hearts deeply. Because then things happen just as they say they will, because everyone feels it is meant to be, it is for the best.

Out of love and connection we are able to become really powerful, mighty and influential. And those who are powerful in truth ensure that the best possible unfolding is possible for everyone and sustainably.

This world needs people who have understood exactly that and who want to take power. This world needs Holistic Warriors. Now is your time!

This world does not need powerful people who have not understood the true energy of power. This world does not need powerful people whose power has to do with oppression. Oppression has to do with pressure. This FORCE energy is a pressure that always leads and must lead to explosion and chaos. Because every pressure always shows counter-pressure, until the pressure becomes too big.

You can also look in your closer environment and with yourself. It is not only statesmen who have power. We all have creative power – in our relationships, families, jobs, our environment.

If you feel under pressure or perceive resistance on the outside, take a closer look.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I access this strong psychological, moral and spiritual force of real power in this situation?
  • How can I transform everything so that it becomes light, it flows and unfoldment is possible for all?

You may find that power also has something to do with self-empowerment. The opposite of that is self-suppression. There we have it again these two forces that like to be lumped together and labeled with power. Power versus Force. They are two completely different energies.

What brings us humans back to the force principle again and again are our lower instincts like greed, jealousy, hate and fear. Everyone knows and has them, these tendencies.

You can overcome them, through good deeds and kind words. Try it! You may be surprised how kindness gives you more energy, happiness and inner strength, real power, real power.

We should never underestimate how we can positively influence people through the power of love. Love = Power = Power.

A person who masters this formula becomes a lighthouse for humanity, a role model and someone I am super happy to vote into power, who is also welcome to be financially rich, because I know he does me good and he / she does good, even with his money.

You feel called to be such a lighthouse?

Then join my Facebook group Holistic Warrior Xperience and become part of this movement of real heart people, real leaders and shaping activists!

All the love,

Your Annette