Are you an activist?
What are you going for?

For a long time, I would not have called myself an activist, but now I do, and I wish everyone was an activist. The opposite, being a “passivist”, doesn’t sound very attractive either.

Already in my studies of geography, which is now a long time ago, I was most interested in topics such as sustainability, resources and climate. At that time, there was the Club of Rome and books on the “limits to our growth” and individual scenarios of climate change. I wasn’t an activist then, but I was very interested in it.

Unfortunately, I lost my interest and commitment when I first started my career in marketing and market research and consulting after my studies. It was only later in my Design Thinking job in a tech innovation lab that future topics and scenarios caught up with me again.

At the same time, my yoga teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life, the founders of Jivamukti Yoga, inspired me to be ACTIVIST, not to watch as things change or intensify, but to help shape them. I realized that this is my thing, I loved to design, I always had brilliant ideas and never wanted to adapt or accept something I didn’t like.

For a long time, I honestly didn’t know how to do that, being an activist.

After the motto Start small but start, I did what I thought was easy to make a contribution.

So my decision to be a vegetarian for over 20 years and later also a vegan is something that I never had a hard time. Yes, I am committed to sustainable eating.

I also see teaching people in yoga as a contribution that I love to make I want to inspire, inspire and move people and the latter not only physically.

I like the idea of being a Spiritual Activist, that is, someone who dedicates himself in his work and influence to the issues and things that direct the human consciousness to a higher level of consciousness, to more connectedness. Just yoga.

For a long time, I wondered what’s keeping me from going to demos. That would be a way to get me involved. For a long time I thought I wouldn’t be a good activist until I join Fridays for Future or do social media posts on Lockdown and take a political stand and tell everyone how to do things differently and better.

Now I know that activism has to suit me too.

Just because others practice activism of one kind or another, does not mean that my activism does not work. Comparison is not wise here, as everywhere else.

I know now that I don’t like demos because it’s too much negative energy for me, because most of the demonstrators are just AGAINST something and don’t have any better and more workable solutions. Certainly they point to wrongdoing, it is certainly good and important. I just can’t do it. And not going there just means to me that I need my energy for other meaningful things.

Instead of being against something, I would rather be FOR something, live and go for it myself, and I would like to inspire others to do the same. In doing so, I focus on what I have to give specifically, what I feel in myself, on my specific “mission.

This is exactly what I want to tickle out of people in my coaching sessions, their uniqueness and their mission, their very special kind of activism. Because then everything becomes easy and natural.

And imagine that all people have found this out for themselves and are getting involved in the very area that makes them happy and releases positive energy. That’s crazy, right? How great would that be?

So my ideal of the Holistic Warrior has continued to evolve. I see the Holistic Warrior as a new type of human being right in front of me, a kind of modern Jesus who uses his divine gift to serve the world of tomorrow, who is visionary, who thinks long-term and broad-minded, who is far-sighted and who makes a difference in the world every day. Completely quiet, of course, wonderful. Role model. Leader. Yeah .

I am quite sure that in the future we need above all people who are unadapted and courageous, who come up with new solutions, who mobilize people, who automatically think holistically and sustainably and not just about themselves.

I want to inspire, inspire and motivate people to be a Holistic Warrior. I want to motivate people who want more than an average, boring, comfortable life to walk this path of the Holistic Warrior, to grow, to rise above themselves, to find fulfillment in doing, and to reach a deep fulfillment in life.

Deep fulfillment is never possible in my perception through an egocentric life.

How much activist is there in you?
How much Holistic Warrior?

It all starts with your decision.
Everything has to be shaped inside and then expressed.
Everyone’s an activist, we just have to feel it.

When I finished my Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training I only knew that I loved the Spiritual Activist’s Symbol, I knew that one day I would find my own interpretation of it.

In 2018, this symbolic figure with the Holistic Warrior was born. Workshops followed, I wrote a poem, coaching programs, this podcast and I am currently writing my book. My yoga teacher trainings are a real Holistic Warrior Training Camp.

Come to my Facebook Group Holistic Warrior Xperience and become part of this movement of true heart people, leaders and activists!

All my love,
Your Annette