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30th, November 2021|

If you don't know where your head is at the moment, if you don't want to let any news get to you, if you are tired of discussing with others [...]


8th, August 2021|

Are you meditating yet? What is it anyway? Do I really need it?   There is a lot written and spoken about meditation today. Supposedly all influential and successful people meditate [...]


18th, July 2021|

Shadow How well do you know your shadow? We live in a world of light and shadow. We perceive our world in two different qualities. We live in duality. There [...]


5th, June 2021|

What does power or POWER mean to you? What makes a strong person or personality? And what does it have to do with force? I would like to illuminate these [...]


1st, April 2021|

Are you an activist? What are you going for? For a long time, I would not have called myself an activist, but now I do, and I wish everyone was [...]


1st, March 2021|

Are you also self-employed and, like me, are thinking about HOW you want to run your business? What rules do you want to play by? Especially in the time of [...]


5th, February 2021|

For many years, I have been driven by the topic of how we humans can shape our lives in such a way that we are truly happy and fulfilled. Without [...]


1st, December 2020|

Are you also a person with a high sensitivity for transitions, caesuras and new beginnings? The first year of the new decade is coming to an end. Who would have [...]


1st, October 2020|

Especially now, when in autumn and winter the hours of sunshine become less or even several weeks of grey dreariness prevail, it is increasingly difficult for many people to keep [...]


1st, August 2020|

You know what that is? We humans usually describe ourselves as either creative or uncreative. Most of them think about whether they were particularly good in the creative school subjects, [...]


1st, July 2020|

Do you feel unhappy? Is this feeling part of your regular daily emotion cocktail? What is your recipe against it? - Positive thinking, practicing gratitude...? I had one of those [...]


1st, June 2020|

Have you ever asked yourself such questions as: "How am I talking suddenly? "I've never seen or heard myself like this!", or "What's wrong with this person?". We, humans, are [...]


1st, May 2020|

The COVID-19 pandemic and the insecurity and lack of human contact associated with it is a challenge for us all especially when it comes down to courage. Usually, an extreme [...]


1st, April 2020|

We are currently in the middle of the Corona COVID-19 pandemic. The news we see and hear is fierce. More infections, more deaths, more fear, more restrictions, an emergency aid [...]


1st, March 2020|

This is the first focus of the month, which I write for Holistic Warrior. Before starting this monthly ritual, I’d like to thank my Jivamukti Yoga™ teachers Sharon Gannon and [...]

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