This is the first focus of the month, which I write for Holistic Warrior. Before starting this monthly ritual, I’d like to thank my Jivamukti Yoga™ teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life, who definitely inspired me to use this powerful tool also for the holistic warrior community.

My personal development process became more focused and effective only in the last 3-4 years when I started applying innovation methods on my own life and had coaches to support me on my personal and professional transformation journey.

During my own process and also since I coach others as holistic life and business coach, the most important and very crucial point always is CLARITY. I am sure you know these decisions in your life that were easy, where doubt and anxiety had no chance and those where you struggle and worry to take a wrong decision.

In my life, for many years, I was struggling with making decisions. I tolerated unhappy and stressful circumstances over the years. I definitely had a lack of CLARITY and I was aware of that but my only idea to overcome this was the thought “by time, CLARITY will come”.

From my today’s perspective, I know that first of all I had a lack of methods and professional support. CLARITY not always shines up like sometimes a good idea just appears. It often needs some effort, some structure, some good methods. I like to compare the CLARITY process with an ideation process: both will be more efficient and effective with the right methods and coaches.

My aim with the FOTM is to help you design your life in a fun and effective way, in order to be the best version of yourself and to live the best possible life you had ever dreamt of.

 “How can I identify if I have a clarity problem?

Here are great questions to identify CLARITY issues:

  1. Do you feel clear about who you are?
  2. Do you feel clear about your purpose in life?
  3. What do you feel most certain and clear about in your life?
  4. What do you value the most in your life?
  5. Are there any areas you are truly unhappy with?
  6. What areas are you feeling uncertain or directionless?

Contact me in case you feel like needing more support in finding CLARITY or join us in our great group coachings …..

Annette Boehmer

Source: This tool is based on proprietary concepts from High-Performance Institute’s Certified High-Performance Coach Program™.