Do you feel unhappy?

Is this feeling part of your regular daily emotion cocktail? What is your recipe against it? – Positive thinking, practicing gratitude…?

I had one of those days today where it was hard not to be dissatisfied from the morning on. It was simply nothing like I wanted it to be today, I was grumpy because my child didn’t want to go to kindergarten, I was angry because my partner was so zero empathy, I was dissatisfied because I was dissatisfied, yet I know that I want to make a pact with abundance – day after day.

But at least this experience provided me with a theme for my yoga class in the evening, and as soon as I focused on gaining an insight from the dissatisfaction, I was fine. There was magic there, what was it, where did it come from?

If you are familiar with yoga philosophy, you will surely have met Santosha (contentment). So, as a yogi you should be satisfied. Is contentment the ideal? Should one simply always be satisfied with what is, with what one has? Hard for me to accept, because I am convinced that such an understanding of contentment prevents growth, on a small and large scale. I would then rather call it “devotion”.

Contentment is clearly a great feeling. The feeling that simply everything fits, you don’t miss anything. But if we force ourselves to be satisfied even though we miss something, we overplay and suppress something.


Dissatisfaction is the strength


Let’s look at the opposite: Dissatisfaction.

Is it bad to be dissatisfied? Hmm, how can you know and appreciate the day if you don’t know the night? That was my “aha” moment today. When I devoted myself to my dissatisfaction, not complaining and getting into it, but really looking at it, I understood the transforming power behind it.

Now I understand dissatisfaction as a sign that I am not listening to my heart or that something I am longing for is not coming to me. For me it is a sign that I do not care enough to feel satisfaction.  Dissatisfaction is therefore a healthy alarm signal for me, reminding me that I am just getting off track, not living in harmony with my destiny and my needs.

Satisfaction (Santosha) for me, on the other hand, is when I live completely in harmony with my destiny, I feel that I am unfolding my potential, that I dare to be me, that I do not hide, that I express myself, that I allow myself to dream big and have goals and pursue and achieve them, even against the resistance and opinions of others.

You often hear people talking unsatisfied for a long time. Just as often these people are told to simply think positively, to look forward to something nice, to practice more gratitude. Is this the perfect solution? For me it would only be a distraction from the problem. In my opinion, real healing and transforming would only be a deep engagement with the roots of dissatisfaction, coupled with a powerful technique to treat these roots effectively.

In my case, I have had to realize that I am currently experiencing difficulties with my morning routine, which usually brings me to fullness first. I had my perfect morning routine of meditating, all to myself. Then two weeks ago I decided to book a great and costly coaching program which requires me to do a certain meditation every day, from the tape. I’ve been trying this for 30 minutes in the morning for days… that’s good, but it doesn’t work for me, also because I rarely get the 30 minutes in the morning undisturbed. So, the day yesterday already started with a feeling of dissatisfaction, because I had to stop the meditation after 5 minutes to take care of my child. And the fatal thing is, dissatisfaction attracts even more of that during the day, which makes you dissatisfied!


But why am I dissatisfied even though I have just achieved something great?


Do you know great moments, where however satisfaction or a feeling of happiness is missing? And you ask yourself why? You reached a goal, a short moment of happiness occurs, which is then crushed by a wave of new desires. This is a cycle that never ends.

I know this and have noticed that this is always the case only with ego-centered goals or when I have not dared to follow my heart completely and have made compromises. Only my real heart’s needs have the scope to wrap me in a great satisfaction when they are fulfilled. My ego is materially insatiable.


Find out what makes you happy!


For me, the greatest satisfaction comes from the moments that show me that what I give from my heart and with all my commitment is appreciated. Appreciation. Attention. Whether at work or within the family or among friends. These are gestures, encouraging feedback and also clearly the energy balance. It’s about the resonance with the universe.


Do you follow your heart?


Only if you know the path of your heart and follow it, you will be permanently satisfied. Your life is basically the sum of all moments of life. In the present moment you create satisfaction or dissatisfaction. It cannot be a matter of wanting to create contentment sometime in the future by means of any goals and making everything dependent on it. It is about the way. The feeling to be on the right way, to take small steps every day, that creates satisfaction.

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Annette Boehmer