The COVID-19 pandemic and the insecurity and lack of human contact associated with it is a challenge for us all especially when it comes down to courage. Usually, an extreme situation such as this brings to light already existing weaknesses of systems (relationship, school system, professional existence, business model, …) without any make-up.

A “business as usual” or “exactly as before the crisis” will not and cannot exist in many cases. For many people and companies, it is now important to find a suitable strategy to get out of the crisis as quickly as possible. This requires courage. Especially when you realize that the foundation is quite unstable, and you have to completely reposition or reinvent yourself.

Strategies to gain courage

You find yourself in this text? Then the following tips will certainly be useful to you. What we especially need in this completely new situation is COURAGE! And a lot of it.

But where does this courage come from?

How can we gain more courage?

The following tips will help you to become a bit more courageous every day to take the necessary steps:

Face the Fear!

First of all, we need to look deeply into our fears and deal with them, not in a way that makes us feel worse, but in a kind of analytical approach. In doing so, we discover that there are 4 categories of fears:

Things we fear…

  • Fear of loss pain – that we might lose something that is important to us through changes or progress in our lives.
  • Fear of process pain – that the process of change might be too hard for us.
  • Fear of outcome pain – that all the effort we put into change might not lead to a better outcome in our lives.
  • Fear of death – that we might not be able to survive the crisis in health terms.

Fears all have the characteristic that they are based on a negative scenario. If we allow ourselves to be driven by our fears, no progress in a positive direction will be possible. Then one thinks and acts only in damage limitation. Unfortunately, this pure short-term survival thinking is deeply rooted in our human nature, our brain is built that way. Therefore, it takes a very special courage, which I call a “Holistic Warrior Mindset”, to break out of the fear-driven avoidance thinking, towards a visionary, smart and courageous acting.

Dealing with your own fears is an important first step. To face the hard reality means to collect everything you are afraid of, to write down and cumulate all the fear-inducing negative things. This is exactly what tells us then what we definitely do NOT want to be, neither today nor in the future. Even a projection can make sense here: “What if I continue like this, where do I end up?”

But we must not get stuck here under any circumstances!

Be visionary!

For me, the most important next step towards courageous change and progress is to imagine a convincing and compelling future, a vision that unfolds a magical attraction.

Ask yourself the question:

“If I overcome all my fears and have the courage to act and improve my life, my life will be different this way …”

Be courageous!

How important courage is and how great it feels to act courageously, you will see in retrospect. Ask yourself when you were really courageous, how it felt and how you felt about it.

You can train your courage every day by being consistent

  • in expressing your true thoughts, feelings, needs and ambitions, and
  • in sharing with the world what is important to you and why you are committed to something.

Take Action!

A person who takes action develops a sense of who he or she is and is up to the great challenges of life.

You break out of fear and panic by courageously and with your vision in mind, consistently creating your new reality through your daily actions. It always helps me to see challenges in life as a “teacher” – so I want to learn something, to develop myself, not to let myself be defeated.

Be courageous and take a big leap forward!

Think of 3 areas where you will act more courageously in the next 60 days. What exactly will you do?

Contact me if you need more support to help you create your new reality.

Annette Böhmer