You know what that is? We humans usually describe ourselves as either creative or uncreative. Most of them think about whether they were particularly good in the creative school subjects, respectively art or music. I think that’s sad, because each of us is creative in his own way, incessantly and every day anew, and we can’t help it.
Bullshit? Nothing special? Or a high art?

You are creative, every day!

I firmly believe that it is a high art and that it takes a strong, carefully applied creative power to create your own life in its best possible way day after day. And it takes creative approaches to avoid creating an average boring life or one that follows someone else’s plan.

Discover your full creative potential!

Within each of us is the potential to create the best life possible. “Best life” for me does not mean that everything has to be perfect materially. It’s about your life fitting you perfectly. With “potential” I mean your soul plan, your higher self, your inner self, which knows which experiences are important for you in the next step, so that you can further develop yourself as a whole. Sometimes it can also be about letting go of something. How important these experiences are for us as a whole, we usually only understand in retrospect, when we have brought ourselves back up out of the valley with the help of our creative power.

You are the designer of your life!

Creativity is an essential part of my Design.Your.Life. coaching program, which supports you ingeniously to re-create your own life. Not literally everything has to be new. But new will be the intensity with which you experience your life in a much more conscious way and draw everything into your life that your soul needs, and the speed at which this all happens. Your life will feel fuller and definitely more like yours.

Is that exactly what you need?

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Sincerely yours Annette