Would you like to become self-employed?

Or change your self-employed business?

Do you want more freedom and growth at work?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

With Design.Your.Business. you will unstoppably design and realize your heart’s business in a very unique and coherent way.

I will help you to create your dream heart business. In 4 months we will find your niche, your unique value proposition and attract your first dream clients into your life.

We go on an intensive journey together, you develop your personal brand and your holistic business and unique concept. To do this, I guide you through the business design process that I have developed and that is oriented towards sustainability across the board.

Sustainable here means long-term and in every dimension (ecological, economic and social) sustainable, expandable and scalable. In particular, we look at the energetic way to build and run a thriving business, because your energy determines your success more than anything else.

You don’t have a business and want growth and freedom in your job?

Perfect! Growth and development can and should happen everywhere. It is my heart’s desire that people love what they do every day and bring abundance & joy into the world. This potentially goes in every job, in every position. We’ll look at that, you design your career anew – all authentic, all you!

I help you to transform your job, if it is suitable, so that you can fully develop your potential. You profit from this, your employer profits from it. It is not uncommon for employees to have such coaching sessions paid for in whole or in part by their employer.

The best experience I have had here is with on-the-job coaching. Based on a real project, you learn how to manage projects sustainably, holistically and successfully, and experience incredible personal growth and an expansion of your skillset.  I take you by the hand for the duration of the project, coach you and motivate or challenge you.

Particularly suitable are complex projects, those that you do not trust yourself with at first. Maybe also the new position you want to apply for.

In this coaching you will also learn the energetic way, because your energy decides more than anything else about your success.

How to do that exactly? – that is very individual, the way is as unique as you are. In this respect, contact me and we will talk about the details.

Just write to me:

Here I share all my experience and knowledge,


  • 14 years of Design Thinking projects, especially developing new and customer-focused products, services and business concepts,
  • my more than 10 years of self-employment with 3 companies (yoga studio, yogashop) as well as my coaching & consulting business,
  • many ingenious coachings, which I have been using myself for years and for which I have invested in the high 5-digit range in the meantime.

I know many different paths into self-employment and models, have tried many things myself and love to do things anew again and again in the “constant-beta-mindset” and constantly learn from customer feedback. For long time I defined my jobs anew al the time and I was able to skill up and continuously learn while being an employee.

As a participant in this modern and maximally flexible coaching you will embark on a great, playful journey to your business. You will lift and hone your uniqueness like a diamond and create exactly the extraordinary business you don’t even dream of now. This journey will change everything and be the best investment you’ve ever made for yourself.

You want to get your business off the ground as quickly as possible? And without getting bogged down, without working yourself up? And with professional guidance, with connection to a group of other entrepreneurs?

Then come on, let’s talk! The world needs you! I’ll help you get your talent and your message out there.

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