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Do you know these moments when you feel not satisfied or fulfilled? When you question many things in your life? When you wonder if what you do every day will lead to real long-lasting meaning and happiness?

We humans from time to time start questioning our whole life purpose, especially when bigger changes happen from outside or when we reach a point where we always thought we might be happy but we don’t feel that euphoric.

What’s my life’s journey about?

Sure, we can live our lives without many questions and doubts and react as well as possible to live’s challenges. But when we do so, it often feels like there is a big gap between our life’s reality and our dreams and individual needs which can lead to frustration and even depression.

Maybe you already decided to change something in your life, because something is missing, you feel unfulfilled yearnings, dreams and needs or you are stuck in a state of latent dissatisfaction and stagnation.

If you are in this kind of situation and you wish to actively find your best answers to the questions “what could / should I do?”, “what fits me?”, “what’s my life’s purpose?”, then this is exactly for you!

“Design.Your.Life.” Is a holistic and unique life coaching approach that will get you into flow and abundance very fast.

  • The program is a great, fun journey to a fulfilled and fully charged life.
  • You will deeply know yourself and your MISSION and create the exact extraordinary life you have ever dreamed of.
  • This journey will be life-changing and the best investment you’ve ever made for yourself.
  • It’s not just about dreaming and gathering ideas, it’s about CLARITY, crystal clear DECISIONS, uncompromising IMPLEMENTATION and FULL MANIFESTATION of exactly the life your soul craves.
  • And: It may go quite easily. Say goodbye in advance to the idea that success across the board is only possible with hard work, compromise, sacrifice, renunciation and modesty. YOU MAY RECEIVE everything, everything may flow to you.

The signature program takes 12 weeks and offers you maximum flexibility in time and space. You invest in yourself, your energy, your identity, your transformation, your happiness and your success.

Become part of this modern, flexile and highly individual group coaching!

Next Program Start : 14th September 2021.

You want it? Then sign up for a strategy session with me, and together we’ll find out if the program is exactly what you currently need for your growth.

Don’t hesitate, follow your heart. A quantum leap needs a new decision.

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The Design.Your.Life. Journey is a great, playful and joyful journey towards a fulfilled and fully charged life. You will get to deeply know yourself and your mission and create exactly the extraordinary life you’ve ever dreamt of. This journey will be life-changing and the best investment you’ve ever made for yourself. It’s not only about dreaming and collecting ideas, it’s about manifestation and long-term happiness. Signature Coaching for absolute clarity in life, you won’t want to live any other way!

What Customers say about the Design.Your.Life. Signature Program:

“DesignYourLife has changed me forever. I am so grateful to Annette for reminding me of my potential, of my true greatness, through her program. My attitude towards life has completely changed over the course of the 12 weeks. Of course, there are still difficult hours and moments in my life – and my journey is just beginning – but now I have learned valuable and effective tools to master them powerfully and to keep growing. Life is far too precious and wonderful to keep going down the same dead-end paths.” – Maria Kirchhoff –

“I loved Design.Your.Life. a lot, the coach, the inspiring group, the great and fun tools. I am an artist and I resonated a lot with visualizing my minds thoughts, dreams, frustrations etc. It was exactly what I needed. I found total clarity, I defined my personal and professional vision and my Why. Since then I feel like moving on much more structured, much faster and I feel the effect a lot, every day!” – Ulrike Mayer-Trede –

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