Signature Coaching Program “Design.Your.Life.

with Annette Böhmer

Do you feel like you’re not getting anywhere in life? Missing out on your life? Do you want clarity on how to move forward in your life?

The Design.Your.Life. Signature Coaching Program.

“Design.Your.Life.” Is a holistic and unique life coaching approach that will get you flowing and FULL very quickly.

  • The program is a great, fun journey to a fulfilled and fully charged life.
  • You will deeply know yourself and your MISSION and create the exact extraordinary life you have ever dreamed of.
  • This journey will be life-changing and the best investment you’ve ever made for yourself.
  • It’s not just about dreaming and gathering ideas, it’s about CLARITY, crystal clear DECISIONS, uncompromising IMPLEMENTATION and FULL MANIFESTATION of exactly the life your soul craves.
  • And: It may go quite easily. Say goodbye in advance to the idea that success across the board is only possible with hard work, compromise, sacrifice, renunciation and modesty. YOU MAY RECEIVE everything, everything may flow to you.

The signature program lasts 12 weeks and offers you maximum flexibility in time and space. You invest in yourself, your energy, your identity, your transformation, your happiness and your success.

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Next Start Date:

24th Jan 2022.

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