Especially now, when in autumn and winter the hours of sunshine become less or even several weeks of grey dreariness prevail, it is increasingly difficult for many people to keep their energy high, to start the day with enthusiasm, to do their tasks and to feel energetic.

Keep your energy high, every day!

But then there are people who seemingly don’t care about all this, who don’t have thoughts of escape in winter, who never complain about bad weather, who radiate energy. Do you know someone like that?

How do they do it?

I know such people. I know myself as such a person. And I know the tendencies that always try to keep me from feeling an energetic and positive feeling in everything I think, say and do and setting a good example for others.

It works & everybody can do it!

Especially if you have a lot of plans, your life is challenging, you want to grow, you want changes, you want to get to the next level, you want a fully charged life for yourself, then ENERGY is the most important thing. Because without the energy that lets you realize your dreams with ease, you will not get ahead. Remember a time when things were going wonderfully in your life: how did you feel energetically? And much more important: what emotions filled you up inside at that time?

Create a high energy in you!

We humans feel a high energy when we are in a positive emotional spectrum, when we are defined by feelings that have to do with courage, contentment, joy, love, trust, surprise, devotion and freedom. These are expanding emotions, they make waves, their vibration has the potential to carry other people away.

Work on your energy and everything will be better!

Since I have been working daily especially on my emotional state and using special techniques to do so, everything has become so much more beautiful, easier and more fulfilling. Most of all the conscious moments help me every morning and during the day before I go into new situations and in the evening before going to bed.

You would like that too?

Energy Coaching is an essential part of all my coaching programs. You learn the best techniques that will lift you energetically, emotionally and mentally – and in the end all energy is energy – to the level you need to grow.

You can get to know my Energy Coaching in a “One Month of Magic” program starting in mid-January. After that you will be a different person, you will feel it, your environment will feel it, it will become lighter, more beautiful, more fulfilled, more magical.

From the middle of January the Design.Your.Life starts again. Coaching Program, in which the best energy exercises are integrated. This 12-week program will help you to create your own life according to your wishes. It does not have to be taken literally everything new. What will be new, however, is the intensity with which you experience your life in a much more conscious way, drawing everything into your life that your soul needs, and the speed at which all this happens. Your life will feel fuller and definitely more like yours.

You want to get to know me in action?

Then make a note of my “One Week of Magic”, it will take place from November 23rd to 27th, 2020. It will be a 5-day challenge to help you bring your energy to a higher vibration, work on your identity and create a vision for yourself. More information will be available soon at

This is exactly what you need?

Then do not hesitate to contact me (

Here on the website under Program/DesignYourLife you can also book your strategy meeting with me directly. In this free phone call we will find out together what you need as the next step, if Design.Your.Life. fits you.

Sincerely yours Annette