Have you ever asked yourself such questions as: “How am I talking suddenly? “I’ve never seen or heard myself like this!”, or “What’s wrong with this person?”.

We, humans, are always looking for orientation and sometimes we get lost which is totally human. Sometimes we are happy, but sometimes we also land hard. There are many philosophies, life coachings and strategies that promise help towards a happy, fulfilled and rich life. I have studied and taught many of them, especially Yoga. These philosophies are often complex.

With Holistic Warrior® Life Coaching, my goal is to provide people with simple and effective techniques to help everyone live in harmony with themselves and the world, it’s the synthesis of the best techniques I know.

Do you live your life? Are you free?

The most important prerequisite for working with a coach is to really want to deal with yourself. Change begins where there is a willingness to do so. You don’t have to have reached a low point in your life to do so. On the contrary, you can also simply want MORE and you have the right to want MORE, in every respect.

Recognize your altitude

Whether there is MORE in it for you, you can easily see which picture applies to you most of the time:

We, humans, are mostly at what I call “low altitude” because far-sightedness is missing, we only see the next hill, we react hastily, too late or stumble at the slightest hurdle, react unreflectively. In such situations, our little ego-self sits in the pilot’s seat. It likes to make itself important, wants to be right and justifies itself all too often.

But we also have the choice to let another pilot take the wheel and choose a much HIGHER ALTITUDE. Our true self is the best pilot, noble, divine and simply wonderful and knows the life plan of our soul.

Do you want to go to the higher flight level?

In my coaching, I will give you immensely powerful and effective techniques that will help you not only to dream or design your life from a higher altitude but to live it nobly and freely and to manifest what your higher self has planned for you, what you discover while flying in the high altitude, what you wish for yourself.

Do you want an example?

Think of a past situation that has been bothering you for a long time. Were you or was the other person in this situation rather on the lower or the higher flight level? Which part of yourself was controlling here – the lower or the higher self?

Do you want an example of what you can do concretely?

Start into a new day and ask yourself in the morning “which person do I want to be today?” Write the answer down, read it over and over again throughout the day, preferably always before you interact with someone.

Did you get a taste for it?

Are you interested in the higher flight level? Do you want to live your life according to your soul plan?

Then use the Design.Your.Life. Planner to work on your mindset every morning and evening. In addition, the DYL Planner is a valuable companion to make your life more focused and productive.

Do you want to go deeper, realign your life, reposition yourself? You are interested in the higher flight level and need help in manifesting your new and for YOU 100% coherent life? Then I would love to be your coach. I will make you familiar with the mindset and the most important techniques of the Holistic Warrior® Xperience (HWX), the fully charged lifestyle in harmony with yourself and everything. Ideally, we will go on a path of exploration, design and manifestation together for 1-3 months. It is the best you can give to yourself. Become Holistic Warrior® a noble warrior, smart, courageous, clear and fulfilled.

Why fly low?

Contact me if you need more support to help you create your new reality.

Annette Böhmer