Holistic Warrior® Sequence – Intensive Training for Yogis & Yoga Teachers

with Annette Böhmer

– as an online course with 3 live workshops, over 3 months, with certificate.

This is a brilliant and unique training for all who love yoga, energy work and holistic training.

It is “The Next Generation of Yoga!”

Become a licensed Holistic Warrior® Sequence Teacher!

With this 3-month certification course, you will become a licensed Holistic Warrior® Sequence yoga teacher. I will guide you over 3 months, you will establish a holistic daily practice, of which the asana sequence is just one part of your daily modular practice. The course includes philosophy, anatomy, neurology, alignment and a whole lot of holistic and neuro-centered practice.

Why Holistic Warrior® Sequence?

In this course I will teach you my holistic Holistic Warrior® program and also empower and authorize you to pass this on to others.

Through my own years of yoga experience, my experience in training yoga teachers, my deep immersion in neurology and neuro-centered training, I have developed this unique program that I am 100% confident does not exist a second time. It supports people to be healthy and in flow, to feel high energy, great inner strength and stability and at the same time a whole new lightness in life that comes when we are in balance.

What are the prerequisites?

You don’t need any special previous experience for this, except an irrepressible desire and joy for this journey. I have created the Holistic Warrior® Sequence for 3 different levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) so you will find the right dose for yourself as well as for your future clients.

You don’t smoke any previous yoga teacher training either, it can rather be your starting point to get active in this field, add to your portfolio and feel for yourself if it will be your path. And if you are yoga teacher:in to, then this holistic and ingenious sequence will offer you a new level of fun and wholeness.

In any case, you can also do this training to not only raise your own practice to a whole new level in an intense 3 months, but to feel a real awesome effect – you will fully arrive at the Holistic Warrior Feeling and won’t want to live any other way.

What is it anyway?

The Holistic Warrior® Sequence is a 60-minute sequence, which is adapted for 3 different levels, with inner alignment, activation of your neuronal significant movement controlling systems, an ingenious and holistically designed sequence, a neuro-cooldown with special breathing and energy steering exercises, deep relaxation, Holistic Warrior® Mantra.

The core sequence follows the principle of Vinyasa Krama and is also practiced flowing-dynamically in the Intermediate and especially the Advanced version.

The sequence consists of modules that can also be practiced individually. In this way, this practice can set you up for the day directly in the morning, give you energy and focus again and again during the day, and let you go to sleep relaxed and fulfilled in the evening.

What does the training involve?

You do the training through online lessons that guide you through the content week by week. In addition, there are 3 live workshops (5 hours each), each with input, practice and Q&A. The first workshop takes place right at the start, the other workshops in a rhythm of 4 weeks. The online lessons include the Holistic Warrior® Sequence practice led by me, as well as Holistic Warrior® philosophy (modern, holistic, soul & energy centered), anatomy (functional, neuro-centered), alignment (inner & outer alignment principles), The Art of Teaching, licensing, business & marketing.

The exam includes a theory section as well as a practical section.

The entire content can be completed online, also the live workshops will be streamed, if you want to be there live on site you can do that too.

In addition, a community of participants awaits you, which is supported by the Holistic Warrior® team.

Become a licensed Holistic Warrior® Sequence Teacher!

The exam at the end of the 3 months is optional, but necessary if you want to teach this sequence officially.

In any case, after completing the training, you will continue to have access to the content, initially for 1 year, plus you will be licensed to teach this sequence as a Holistic Warrior® Sequence for 1 year. This also gives you access to new content and the Holistic Warrior® Teacher Community. Annually by paying the fee you can renew your license and access to the content.

What are the dates and costs?

The training will take place from March till May 2022.

Onboarding will be on Friday, 04th March 19-21:00 h

The live workshops will take place on 02nd April, 07th May, 28th May (13:00-18:00 h)

Your investment for your Next Level: 2.600€.

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You still doubt and don’t know if you have what it takes to become a yoga teacher?

Then I have something very unique for you, the free “Awaken the Yoga Teacher:in you” Challenge from February 10th to 12th, 2022!

You find this exciting, but want to practice the Holistic Warrior® Sequence first?

Then join my course, starting in December I will be teaching my Friday 5:30pm course as Holistic Warrior® Sequence Intermediate Level. You can also book this course as a livestream via this form, but only on a daily basis.

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