Welcome to the High Performance Tankstelle

This podcast is a true fuel station for people who want MORE every day, more energy, more purpose, more efficiency, more growth, more success, more health and more joy in life. I call this type of person HOLISTIC WARRIOR®.

You are right here, if …
… you want more all along the line.
… you love the idea of reinventing yourself and your business again and again.
… you are tired of searching for your world view, your lifestyle and methods that work for you here and there.
… you are tired of stagnation and struggle.
… you have the feeling that there is so much more you could do, but you don’t know how.
… you don’t like long podcast episodes with commercials because your time is the most important thing to you.

Here I share valuable content from my energy & neuro-centered coaching for high performance, life & business design in approx. 15-20 minute episodes.

You can expect a mix of topics from innovation, spirituality, sustainability, lifestyle and business. Always prepared in such a way that you can put the content directly into practice.

There will be episodes with INPUT and to participate (ACTION). I always divide the topics visibly into LIFE / BUSINESS and WARRIOR.

Love, Annette

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