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5 Days of Magic – On Demand Retreat

697,00  incl. VAT

Online Retreat with Annette Böhmer: 5 days of Magic

“5 Days of Magic” – an on-demand online retreat accompanied by Annette Böhmer, through which you can easily attract more abundance and flow into your life.

An on-demand retreat? What is that?

The 5 Days of Magic On-Demand Retreat, facilitated by me personally, is a brilliant format that allows anyone – completely schedule-independent – to treat themselves to their retreat.

It’s perfect for you should you feel a bit burnt out or disoriented.

The retreat is holistically oriented, so you will be able to refuel on every level:

  • physically
  • mentally
  • emotionally
  • spiritually.

You will receive a 30-page workbook and every day

  • a meditation for morning and evening
  • one yoga session
  • a life coaching session as a recording

as well as some bonus material and inspirations.

Plus an onboarding call with me and a final call.

After activation you have access to the content for 1 month.
You can also download the workbook and the meditations.

What can you expect?

Each day is dedicated to a specific topic, which will automatically initiate your transformation process towards more self-determination and contentment. You will receive effective impulses and tools that will inspire you to insightful reflections and energetically align you with change.

We always work holistically on the basis of topics that reflect the current state of knowledge from various disciplines that are relevant for personal development. We draw on insights from neuroscience, positive psychology, philosophy, yoga and design thinking.

The topics of the days are:

  • Mindset practice
  • Energy practice
  • Heart practice
  • Vision practice
  • Manifestation practice

5 Days of Magic is designed as an online format that adapts to your individual schedule. You get access to a learning platform after booking. You book your calls with Annette via a booking link directly from the portal.

Through the daily inputs, exercises and guided meditations, you can dive deep into your transformation process to more abundance in everyday life, really refuel in 5 days, realign yourself and come to a new energy level.

What will I learn?

*Within a very short time, you will learn valuable exercises and practices that will support you on your path to more abundance and positive radiance.

*in just 5 days, you will learn the heart themes of transformational work that will strengthen your sensitivity to yourself and others and build a solid foundation for fulfilling and profound personal development.

*In just 5 intensive days, you will initiate a process of change that has the potential to grow you, connect you more with your strong self, and open the door to greater self-determination, joy in life, and gratitude.

Participant Feedback:

“Annette, you are such an inspiration to me as a yoga teacher and also as a coach, thank you for all you bring to my path!” – Lisa D.

“Annette, the 5 days were just super and actually changed a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being”  – Daniela W.

“I really had to pull myself together to do the challenge in these days…. but it is the best thing I can do right now. You are doing a wonderful job Annette.” – Bettina H.

“The 5 days of magic have brought me forward. The content and exercises did me a lot of good, I was able to refuel and broaden my perspective in a week of vacation. Since then it rattles in me, I have a brilliant new idea and an old experience came up surprisingly and may now be processed and said goodbye in a helpful way” Ines T.
“Annette’s 5 Days of Magic helped me to find myself again, to hear my inner voice and to go through life in a more positive way. I had lost all that for a few years. I pulled the emergency brake and took time for myself. The 5 days were perfect to find myself again as well as to learn tricks and tricks that help me to continue there. Annette brings the content with her positive and authentic way super real and true to life. Thank you very much for the really great 5 days!” – Mareike B.

“I really enjoyed the 5-day online seminar “5 Days of Magic”. The recorded video sessions were informative and well built on each other. Annette explained everything in detail and the partly scientific explanations helped me to understand what happens intuitively with me and my body and mind. I really enjoyed the mix of presentation/facilitation and meditation during the 1.5 hr sessions. The workbook gave additional opportunity to reflect on each session. I thought it was great that Annette provided additional meditations as downloads for the period of the training as well as various online yoga offerings. A personal onboarding – and closing – phone call rounded off the entire offer. Thank you, Annette!” – Claudia B.

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