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777,00  incl. VAT

Online Coaching with Annette Böhmer and Maria Kirchhoff

Here you learn to be courageous, free and self-confident, to be able to appear and speak courageously, freely and self-confidently in front of every person and in every situation.

What awaits you?

Be free! Be 100% you.

Do you know this? The lump in your throat? The feeling of wanting to hide or run away? The squeeze in your chest? The pulsing in your throat? Your heart beating as fast as if you were running a marathon? The heat rising in your cheeks?

Many, many people suffer from speech anxiety and social inhibitions. They manifest themselves in a variety of often violent physical manifestations and occur in a variety of social contexts: an important conversation with your boss, before a lecture, talking to a client. They occur when you speak up in a group or simply unexpectedly meet a particular person you weren’t expecting.

The wonderful thing is: you can let go of all that for good! Now! Immediately!

Become free, become courageous, become self-confident! BE FREE.

BE FREE is an ingenious coaching programme that helps you to become a self-confident person in just 12 weeks, who can appear and express himself confidently in any situation and in front of anyone – without inhibition, just as your heart desires.

In the Be.Free. Programme you learn to perceive your feelings truthfully and to express them directly and to let go of tensions immediately. This way you develop a whole new desire for human community, interaction and communication.

BE FREE includes:

Theoretical knowledge about neuroscientific connections to inhibitions
Instructions on how to deal with feelings in a conscious and healthy way – Emotional Literacy.
Effective speaking exercises that work deep in your subconscious mind
Body awareness exercises
Reflection work to dissolve inhibitions, integrate new habits
Meditation and relaxation exercises
Week 1-4: Be heard, be seen!

At the start of the programme you will receive a personal on-boarding phone call from us.

In the first 4 weeks of the programme you will work independently through the online lessons with exercises and instructions for more freedom of speech, expression and enthusiasm. In this way, you familiarise yourself with the course and techniques at your own pace. We are here for you if you have any questions.

Each week there will be new content made available to you via the learning platform. Through daily exercises you will be guided to consciously engage with your voice, feelings and free emotional expression.

Week 5-12 – Be.Free.

From week 5 to week 12 you will continue to receive new and ongoing content each week for your own practice. From week to week you will notice how you become more confident and emotionally free.

In addition, you can book a total of 3 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with us to get individual support and clarify your questions.

The programm can be booked from 12 April 2021 and can be started at any time.

Energy compensation: when booking until 31.03.2021. only 777€, afterwards 997€.

Your coaches: Annette Böhmer, Maria Kirchhoff

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