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Certified High Performance Coaching™

4.400,00  incl. VAT

Certified High Performance Coaching is a super effective one-on-one coaching approach based on positive psychology that guides you towards a fully charged life. The coaching takes place via phone call.

What’s the number one thing everyone in the world wants?

The answer is MORE!

We all want rather more than less success at work, more happiness, more passion in our relationships. More money is what we rather want than less money. We strive for more energy, higher productivity, and more meaning. Everyone wants more of the good things that life has to offer, right?

To get more, we need to activate our full potential.

We need to get into a higher gear and become high performers at whatever we do. More focused, productive, influential, and successful is what we have to become. I ‘d like to help you do just that. Sounds cool?

Through High Performance Coaching™ you’ll get familiar with the six secrets of super successful high performers. These are especially great for your progress if you’re feeling that you’re not getting ahead, at least not at the speed that is possible for you.

I can’t wait to share these secrets with you in a first coaching strategy session. In this session, I’ll be presenting you the basic principles of High Performance Coaching™ and explore together with you in what areas you might benefit the most. I’ll also share some powerful strategies, that allow people to live a fully charged high performance life.

The High Performance Coaching™ is like a journey which aims to lift you on higher levels of energy, productivity, sucess and most importantly happiness. Every session we will discuss a high performance topic, find some important breakthroughts for you and this method always gives you great tools at hand so that you can implement new powerful routines into your daily life.

The coaching either takes place via phone.

Coaching language is English/German, the language of the material is English.

packages / prices:

12 Sessions of Certified High Performance Coaching™: 4.400€

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