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Quantum Life Foundation

950,00  incl. VAT

Coaching with Annette Böhmer: Quantum Life Foundation

“Quantum Life Foundation” a genius energy coaching with Annette Böhmer, through which you can easily attract more abundance and flow into your life and feel and live your purpose every day.

The genius transformational 1-month energy coaching program with Annette Boehmer

for all those who long for more energy, more joy and abundance and a sense of “living a purposeful life”.

This is possible- for everyone. It’s just that you need to develop some new skills.

“If you continue thinking the same thoughts – nothing will change”

The problem is that we often get in our own way by
– starting the day unclear,
– our energy level is low due to negative thoughts and emotions
– we often use our energy for the wrong things, and
– we have lost the sense of our life and our purpose.

You can change all that!
You can make anew everything you no longer like!

A life in high energy and in harmony with your destiny is possible!

This is what I show you in the Quantum Life Foundation Coaching.
Quantum stands for the most elementary level of our life, namely energy and information.
You are an energy field, everyone is an energy field, all matter is an energy field.
All fields follow an information, they have a direction, a unique vibration.

I call this level of information the “code” of our life.
This code does not originate from our genes, as so many believe. Epigeneticists say that 95% of our fate is not determined by our genes, but by the environment we create for our body cells.

Ingenious. This is how we can actively influence our lives and our health.

If we have a deep understanding of energy and information impulses, we can create a “Quantum Life” for ourselves.
This can mean a real quantum leap for you.

By Quantum Life I refer to the lifestyle of a Holistic Warrior, it means anything but an average and conformist life, a life beyond normal. A life in which we use the laws of the universe, neuroanatomy and quantum physics very specifically for us.

The Quantum Life Foundation program will help you create a self-directed, energetic life for yourself and a sense of high-level alignment with your purpose. A sense of ease and flow, resulting in abundance both inside and out.

The program goes deep, it will fundamentally change your attitude towards life by changing your neural circuitry, better circuitry patterns will emerge, you will deeply neurally anchor certain feelings that will lead you to new and much better choices every day. This in turn will give you new experiences that will in turn take your thinking and actions to a new dimension.

In the Quantum Life Foundation program you will learn how to create your life on the quantum level, the deepest level of subtle information that we can imagine. You will learn how to use the laws of the universe, such as the law of attraction, for your own benefit. You will become a master in how you can bring yourself to this level daily and very quickly in order to write the program of your life the way you like it. In the process, you will implement new, highly effective techniques over these 4 weeks, receive your purpose, dreams and heart’s desires, and understand how to manifest them for yourself as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, it is your choice for which goal you apply these powerful methods. You can use it to quickly create more money flow, you can create a meaningful life for yourself, with all the trimmings.

The program can be a real quantum leap for you, especially if you are often plagued by dissatisfaction, you don’t have a real plan in life, you find it hard to make decisions, you feel you are not connecting with yourself, living your life more on autopilot.

Quantum Life Foundation is the part of energy and mindset work that I have only offered so far as part of Design.Your.Life. Since it is a tremendous treasure on its own and has already helped many people make a quantum leap, I have decided to also offer this part individually as a highly effective coaching program.

With this Quantum Life Foundation month, you are creating a super valuable personal practice for yourself that will elevate your life to a whole new level. This program will change your life. You are creating a great asset for yourself. I think it is the best investment in you that you can make.

Next Start Date:
Start in a group setting on Thursday, July 22, 2021 for 4 weeks.

Energy equivalent: 950€

You want it?

Then sign up for a Quantum Talk with me, then we will find out together if the program is exactly what you currently need for your growth.

Don’t hesitate, follow your heart. A quantum leap needs a new decision.

Here you can book an appointment for your free Quantum Talk

Quantum Talk with Annette Boehmer

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