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Quantum Life Foundation

777,00  incl. VAT

Coaching with Annette Böhmer: Quantum Life Foundation

“Quantum Life Foundation” a special life transformation challenge with Annette Böhmer, through which you can easily attract more abundance and flow into your life.

You can join at any time from 5 April

– the transformational 1-month energy coaching programme –

for all those who long for more energy, more joy and abundance and a sense of “getting more baked in life”.

I am firmly convinced that the daily 24 hours are more than enough to live a fulfilled life.

It’s just that we often get in our own way by
– starting the day unclear,
– our energy level is low due to negative thoughts and emotions
– we often use our energy for the wrong things, and
– we have lost the sense of our life and our purpose.

You can change all that!
You can redo everything you no longer like!

A life in high energy and in harmony with your destiny is possible!

This is what I show you in the Quantum Life Foundation Coaching.
Quantum stands for the most elementary level of our life, namely energy and information.
You are an energy field, everyone is an energy field, all matter is an energy field.
All fields follow an information, they have a direction, a vibration.

I call this level of information the “code” of our life.
This code does not originate from our genes, as so many believe. Epigeneticists say that 95% of our fate is not determined by our genes, but by the environment we create for our body cells.

Ingenious. This is how we can actively influence our lives and our health.

If we have a deep understanding of energy and information impulses, we can create a “Quantum Life” for ourselves.
This can mean a real quantum leap for you.

In this 1-month training you will learn the basics of Quantum Life through video lessons.
You establish a morning and evening alignment practice to consciously control the information level of your field.
You cleanse your field of blocking beliefs by convincing your subconscious of your true greatness.
You receive support through weekly Q&A sessions.
You will receive valuable materials such as handouts and meditations to download.

Optionally, for those with Facebook accounts who join the closed group, there is also daily support from me and my team.

Bonus: I always throw in a goodie or two.

With this Quantum Life Foundation month, you create a super valuable personal practice for yourself that takes your life to a whole new level.

You can start your transformation month at any time, you are not bound to a calendar month.
You can join at any time from 5 April.

In April there is a special price for members of the HWX Community: instead of 777€ only 666€.
You can find the discount code in the Holistic Warrior Xperience Facebook group.

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