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Workshop Vision 2022

129,00  incl. VAT

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The aim of the workshop is to coach you to express and visualize your vision for the next year(s) and write or illustrate your manifesto 2022.

Out of stock

“My vision for the new year – my manifesto for 2022.”

People who are successful and happy usually have in common that they have clarity about what is important to them. And they cultivate a conscious handling of time. With appropriate clarity it is easy to act focused, to realize one’s own dreams and goals and to live one’s ideals.

Soon a new year begins!

I would like to invite you to develop your vision in a 3-hour inspiring workshop before / at the start of the new year and to derive a masterplan & manifesto for 2022 from it.

In this workshop follows a really holistic approach. But before we work creatively, there will be a warm-up and a guided meditation to connect with the place within us where the knowledge is hidden regarding our mission in life, our needs and desires. Then we will use playful techniques like Vision Board, Annual Plan, Hitlist or Letter from the Future. You choose the methods you resonate most with!

All you need to bring with you is comfortable clothing, and also some personal inspiring material.

Mindset matters!

The flow in the workshop will first put you in an innovation mindset, then we will go into an appreciative review, followed by a trend café, to think big afterwards in a phase that I like to call “Hello Future”. Finally, you’ll bring everything into a format that you can take with you, create a vision board and an annual plan.

There will be plenty of materials to use. However, if you would like to start your own diary with exactly this material, please bring it with you to the workshop.
Finally, there are some tips on how to really live your vision.

The workshop is also a wonderful Christmas present!

Next workshop dates:

  • Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, 15:00 – 18:00 p.m.

Location: Online via Zoom

Coaches: Annette Böhmer

Price includes material: 129 Euro

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