How well do you know your shadow?

We live in a world of light and shadow. We perceive our world in two different qualities. We live in duality. There are both, whereas terms like good and evil or beautiful and ugly are totally relative, they are just labels we assign according to whether we like something at the moment or not.

I call the personal shadow the sum of all at first sight unpleasant sides of us. The dark side that we would like to hide. The dark memories, the dark thoughts, the painful feelings.

In fact, we rarely learn to deal with them in a healthy way.

Many people choose the strategy of repression and negation, of sweeping it under the table. In my experience, this only makes it worse. All the feelings we suppress become stronger instead of weaker.

My strategy, which I use myself and pass on in my coaching sessions, is to make peace with all the shadows of the past. Because only this makes you truly free and able to create your future as a free human being in its full power and greatness.

I want to help people who feel called to contribute something great in the world to transform their shadows, to transform their lives, to live their mission, to be successful, to be true leaders and role models.

This is what I specialize in.

Shadows go away when we illuminate them!

To be a true lighthouse in the world, we need to know our shadows, because they always cast a shadow ahead into the future and make us unfree.

Many people are afraid of such shadow processes – the word alone doesn’t sound so great either I think. That’s why I call it Holistic Coaching.  Everything we do here at Holistic Warrior in this direction is like releasing brakes so you no longer feel like you’re driving a car with the handbrake on. I give everything so that you can create your life with full power ahead and develop yourself.

The way into the light always leads you through darkness first. This is confirmed again and again. Whoever develops a strong radiance has also experienced quite a bit of darkness.

My Holistic Warrior Coaching does exactly that: to empower you to shine, every day and especially in the darkness.

The future will be marked by great challenges for humanity.

I am convinced that in the future we humans will need our full power more than ever to master all this. If old shadows block us here, we won’t get anywhere. If we transform them, our power multiplies.

Ask yourself:

What shadows do you recognize in yourself?

Which shadows would you like to transform?

Why do you finally want to shine in the world?

Coaching as I offer it is a turbo that you should treat yourself to if you are tired of snail’s pace, if you want to put some things in your life into perspective and realign and reposition yourself.

This is what I specialize in. Also the process of reinventing yourself. And that includes not letting shadows of the past get in the way of creating our future in the best way possible.

My approach is not just to “dissolve” shadows. No. I teach you how to start loving those shadows and using them for yourself.

Instead, walk the path of the Holistic Warrior. The world is waiting for you.

Take the step and shine and shine every day!

Stand in the light and dance with your shadow!