We are currently in the middle of the Corona COVID-19 pandemic.

The news we see and hear is fierce. More infections, more deaths, more fear, more restrictions, an emergency aid package and a long list of questions and worries that concern us. We humans are mostly stressed and scared. It is understandable and okay,

… to find uncertainty frightening,

…to take time to process,

… struggling just at the limit to cope with the changes, the cancellations and the chaos.

But if our life isn’t over, life goes on!

We can make new decisions every day. We can lament and exchange bad news, depress each other and focus on the lack and our finiteness. Or we can consciously set an example and get involved and focus on the positive aspects of this crisis.

We all define what this crisis will make of us. We can remember this time as a bad one or a positive-transforming one. Which one do you prefer? Therefore, make the conscious decision now that the crisis will make you stronger, to become a more mature person who is a role model for others. 

“How can I find stability when all circumstances are very unstable?”

In times of crisis, it shows where we stand in terms of self-discipline, positivity, self-confidence and connectedness. All routines that give us stability and do not work in difficult times are not (yet) good enough.

My tip:

Whenever the situation frustrates you, take a few minutes, sit down, close your eyes and pay attention to your feelings. Look at your feelings, let them flow, observe without judging. Recognize that the emotions are not you, but only a passing stream of energy that is not as deep as you think and that you will not drown. As you observe everything, come into an energy of gentleness and grace, be gentle with yourself and the special circumstances and direct your consciousness towards kindness, compassion and courage.

“Meditation on the things that trouble us sets us free.”

Contact me if you need more support to find STABILITY.

Annette Böhmer