Do you sometimes feel others have better ideas and strategies or realize their dreams more than you do?

In life we seem to go either “the warrior way”, demanding more from life, asking lots of questions and facing the struggles and inconveniences, or to “run away” from and avoid anything that might not be easy or convenient. Guess which strategy in the long run will lead more often towards personal and professional growth?

A “warrior strategy” means:

Doing things differently all the time

Asking questions about deeper meaning and purpose

Growing through life’s challenges

Taking action despite reacting

Re-inventing one’s personal and professional life regularly

Being always ready to reach higher levels in any area of life

What is it that makes the difference between an average and a fully charged high performance life?

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® will guide you towards a quality of life that we call “a fully charged life”, which means that you feel like having totally fully charged batteries, feeling great in your body while living an agile, meaningful and successful life.

In a nutshell, HOLISTIC WARRIOR® takes you on a playful innovation journey. You choose what you want to focus on: Your personal fitness and health (Design.Your.Warrior.), your whole life (Design.Your.Life.) or especially your business (Design.Your.Business.).

Check out the HOLISTIC WARRIOR® portfolio of training, coaching and consulting services that will get you, your team and your business towards your mission, goals and work-life-balance which we call a “fully charged high-performance life”.

Be a warrior, not a worrier!

We are all modern warriors (office heroes, top managers, sports athletes, super kids, moms & dads, men & women) who desire and deserve to be outstanding, successful, happy and healthy. But often we struggle in our life due to many uncertainties and obstacles that disconnect us from our true self and our full potential.

The mission of HOLISTIC WARRIOR® is to help individuals, teams, businesses and organizations to find their unique pathway, to leverage their full potential so that they grow beyond their expectations and make a difference in the world every day.


Feel the Warrior within you!

Do you wonder why others often seem to be more energetic, more powerful and successful?

Are chronic pain or other physical or mental issues sometimes holding you back?

A good physical and mental health is giving enormous power. No matter what your long-term aspiration is, it’s the best starting point to first work on your “warrior feeling” with physical and mental drills that complete you to be a warrior in life – fearless, ambitious, courageous with strength and stamina.

Design.Your.Warrior. is a holistic training approach that integrates yoga, neuroathletic and mindfulness techniques.

Depending on your needs and preferences, book your:

  • Neurocentered Personal Training
  • 3 Pillars Neuroathletic Bootcamp
  • Neuroathletic Workshops (coming soon)
  • Design.Your.Warrior Online Membership (coming soon)

Re-invent your life regularly!

Do you know these moments when you feel not satisfied or fulfilled? When you question many things in your life? When you wonder if what you do every day will lead to real long-lasting meaning and happiness?

We humans from time to time start questioning our whole life purpose, especially when bigger changes happen from outside or when we reach a point where we always thought we might be happy but we don’t feel that euphoric.

What’s my life’s journey about?

Sure, we can live our lives without many questions and doubts and react as well as possible to live’s challenges. But when we do so, it often feels like there is a big gap between our life’s reality and our dreams and individual needs which can lead to frustration and even depression.

Maybe you already decided to change something in your life, because something is missing, you feel unfulfilled yearnings, dreams and needs or you are stuck in a state of latent dissatisfaction and stagnation.

If you are in this kind of situation and you wish to actively find your best answers to the questions “what could / should I do?”, “what fits me?”, “what’s my life’s purpose?”, then Design.Your.Life. is exactly for you!

Design.Your.Life. is a holistic life coaching approach that integrates design thinking and coaching.

The D.Y.L. team would love to help you with our experience and tools to “design” your life according to your best ideas.
In our workshops, seminars, retreats and individual or team coachings, we take you on a playful, creative journey towards your new life. It does not matter what you are dreaming of and you want to change. It’s your decision what you want to work on and what you want to share.
Have we sparked your interest? Then we look forward to coaching you!

Depending on your needs and preferences, book your:

  • Certified High Performance Coaching™ – the original extraordinary 12 weeks program
  • Personal Life Coaching
  • Design.Your.Life. Seminar
  • Design.Your.Life. Workshops
  • Design.Your.Life. Online Membership (coming soon)

You don’t need to be a genius to be successful!

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® Design.Your.Business. stands for a holistic spectrum of business coaching, training and consulting methods such as Design Thinking, Empathetic Research, applied Neurology and Positive Psychology. Together, let’s develop a high intrinsic innovation power with your team / at your company.

You wish your team to be more creative and innovative?

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® aims for long-term innovation and sustainable solutions by putting the people in the center of all thinking. Innovation starts in the minds of all the team members and team leads. That’s why a transformational team coaching is often needed first, so that all innovation and change projects will be fruitful and smooth. Therefor HOLISTIC WARRIOR® offers interactive workshops and keynotes to introduce and train employees and entire teams on topics such as transformation & change, team building & presentation, customer-centered innovation, mindfulness, stress resilience, and high performance lifestyle.

Book your Design Thinking Flashlight right here online!

We offer customized Design Thinking trainings so that you can develop your own in-house user-centered innovation skills or even competence centers. Design Thinking is an innovative and interactive process that engages all different stakeholders that makes it possible to address even complicated problems in a solution-oriented, agile and playful way. Design Thinking requires creative lateral thinking, therefor we create the perfect atmosphere with energizers and brain activations. Different modules can be booked for this purpose, starting with a 3-hour Flashlight teaser session, a 1-, 2-, 3- day bootcamp or a 3- to 5-day tailor-made facilitation training on a topic of your choice. Our bestseller is the Design Thinking Flashlight, which you can book in our shop.

You have a specific project in mind where you need method support?

All innovation and transformation projects that we coach, start with an in depth understanding of the specific needs of each stakeholder. We guide you and your team through a user centered and creative innovation process.

Depending on your needs and preferences, we offer:

  • Holistic Innovation Coaching & Consulting
  • Project-related Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Transformation Consulting
  • Customized Innovation Thinking Training
  • Design Thinking Trainings

Inquire now (email to

Upcoming events


11apr15:0018:30D.Y.L. Workshop “DAILY MASTERY"3.5 h workshop to implement powerful rituals to master your daily life!



You are the creator of your life!

“I loved the Design.Your.Life. seminar a lot, the coaches, the inspiring group, the great and fun tools. I am an artist and I resonated a lot with visualizing my minds thoughts, dreams, frustrations etc. It was exactly what I needed. I found clarity, I defined my personal and professional vision and my why. Since then I feel like moving on much more structured, much faster and I feel the effect a lot, every day!”

Ulrike Mayer-Trede

“It was and is still an incredible journey to become a holistic warrior! We should have more holistic warriors around us to support each other. I deeply recommend to everybody to take advantage of the D.Y.L. workshops; especially in these challenging times – it will change your mind and life!”

Kerstin C. Franke

“I can really recommend these workshops. I participated in the pilot and it was amazing and helped me a lot. Go for it and design your life!”

Jens Augustin

“Annette has been accompanying me as a personal trainer for over 3 years and I am thrilled with her holistic way of thinking and working, regardless of whether I come to her with pain, tension, exhaustion or the desire for higher performance, she gives me valuable lessons. In every session, I got more elasticity and balance through her training and better coordination. Everything is easy to implement and integrate, so it is not only endless fun and enjoyment but a great asset to me! I especially appreciate the Neuroathletics approach who has given me a completely new approach to movement, pain and performance. ”

Susanne Penner

“The personal training with Annette was a great success for me. My neck and shoulder pain that I had for weeks, as well as the numbness in the fingers, are completely gone. Thanks for the instruction of the exercises for the home. The training was intense, effective and soothing. I am also a fan of Annette’s yoga classes: here you can recognize her great knowledge and her great experience, with her asana-flows, breathing exercises, meditations and explanation of the yoga philosophy she always reaches everyone. Thank you very much. ”

Pepi Pogorelik

“We have conducted several design thinking workshops with Annette at our headquarters. Annette prepared the workshops well and led through the sessions as a motivating moderator. We were always very satisfied with the outcome.”

Michael Stieglitz, Mazda Motors

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® is a unique fusion of the most successful sciences for personal development, innovation and coaching.

We take you on a playful innovation journey by applying design thinking methods combined with positive psychology and applied neuroscience.

We professionally train & coach you – either one-on-one or via modern coaching formats like workshops, seminars, online-webinars or via membership-programs (coming soon).

In our university (coming soon) you will learn how to teach this great stuff to others. Become a Certified Design.Your.Life. Coach or a Design Thinking Practitioner / Master!

We apply powerful yoga, functional training and mindfulness practices in very science-based neurology focused way, to make you strong and stress-resilient.

In a nutshell, we train you great method skills that enable you to reach higher levels of both, success and wellbeing.


My dream is to help others to be „Holistic Warriors“, open-minded responsible people with a clear vision, who want to grow and reach their goals while living the best possible version of themselves in any area of their life, who like to enjoy a sustainable modern lifestyle in order to inspire others to make a difference in the world every day.

Annette Böhmer, Founder

Hey, I am Annette, the founder and creative head behind HOLISTIC WARRIOR®.

I am 45 years old, German, an entrepreneur and the mum of a 3 years old son. I claim myself to be Design Thinker and Holistic Coach.

For many years I went through jobs that took all my energy, I felt disappointed through competition and comparison, I almost got burnout due to day and night long work on too many things and most importantly: I was not sure about my life’s purpose. Thank God that Yoga, Design Thinking, Neurology, Positive Psychology and High Performance Coaching™ crossed my way in the last ten years. I am sure otherwise I would not have found this joyful and highly efficient “modern warrior” approach that helped me in reaching my goals, leveraging my potential more fully, getting to know my purpose and living purposefully, being (most of the times) in good physical and mental health, and of course also performing quite well in what I love to do.

All themethods I talk about and teach/ coach are proven by applying them on myself first and of course also on another bunch of people. I believe in continuous evolution in life and that’s why I alwaysput lots of time and effort intolearning and applying new stuff.

My mission is to help individuals, teams and companies to leverage their full innovative potential. Therefore understanding the specific needs and future challenges for me is always the starting point. I love to guide individuals and teams th­rough analytic insights phases as well as through inspiring, fun and creati­ve ideation and prototyping sessions.

Through studies of the human brain, posi­tive psychology and philosophy, I always take the holistic view on any kind of problem.

My educational background is a Diploma in Geography and Economy. I have been applying Design Research / Empathetic Research methods for almost 20 years. I was working as a research consultant and customer expe­rience expert in the tourism, finance and telecommunication industry.

Since 2007 I am a certified yoga teacher, since 2011 a certified Jivamukti™ teacher and since 2018 I have been studying the Z-Health™ curriculum (neuro-athletic training) where I already got R-, I-, S- and T-Phase certification as well as 9S Next Evolution, Speed and Structure. In 2019 I became a Certified High Performance Coach™.

During my 10 years at Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, I have become an expert in applying and teaching design thinking. Through design thinking, I learned to consequently put the customer in the center of all innovation thinking.

I have more than 10 years of work experience in designing and moderating customized workshops and training formats.

Annette Böhmer

My vision is to have supported at least 1000 people with their problems or changes in a solution-oriented way and to help them to become the best version of themselves. Be part of it!

Sandra Uhrig, Collaboration Partner

Hi, my name is Sandra, 43 years old and a partner at HOLISTIC WARRIOR®. Above all, I am a Life and Business Coach and Change Manager. And the mom of 2 wonderful daughters (8 and 10 years old).

My work experience of more than 10 years as a management consultant, most recently as a partner in a consulting start-up, has fulfilled me and my thirst for knowledge for a long time. I was able to learn a lot, grow incredibly and, above all, work with different people on different projects. I am very grateful for that. For all these years, the focus has always been to recognize and support? people with their fears and worries, as well as their abilities. This has mirrored my customers and my teams again and again.

In the last 2 years, I realized that the top of my learning curve has been reached and the pure consulting activity with weekly trips no longer fits my current life model. I was permanently stressed and exhausted, 2 leg fractures clearly showed me my physical limitations.

I lacked the inspiration and vision for something new. Without the fixed rituals (daily meditation, journaling), reading from many counsellors on personality development, completing my yoga teacher training and sharing with many inspiring women and men, I would not have made my personal change.

Also, I worked out my Magic Board (wonderfully creative), worked on my Why (Wow), changed my daily routine (with interruptions, adjustments, restarts, etc.) and became the designer of my life. I am infinitely grateful for that.

Due to a large number of clients and my own experience, I can put myself well in the respective coachees and accompany them professionally. In coaching sessions and workshops, I always have my own moments of happiness when participants have an AHA experience or change something for the better.

Sandra Uhrig