You don’t need to be a genius to be successful!

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® Design.Your.Business. stands for a holistic spectrum of business coaching, training and consulting methods. Such as, Design Thinking, Empathetic Research, applied Neurology and Positive Psychology. Together, let’s develop a high intrinsic innovation power with your team / at your company.

You wish your team to be more creative and innovative?

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® aims for long-term innovation and sustainable solutions by putting the people in the center of all thinking. Therefore, innovation starts in the minds of all the team members and team leads.  Being that, a transformational team coaching is often needed first. So that, all innovation and change projects will be fruitful and smooth. Therefore, HOLISTIC WARRIOR® offers interactive workshops and keynotes. Introducing and training employees and entire teams. There is a variety of topics such as transformation & change, team building & presentation and customer-centered innovation. Moreover, mindfulness, stress resilience, and high performance lifestyle.

Book your Design Thinking Flashlight right here online!

We offer customized Design Thinking trainings. So, you can develop your own in-house user-centered innovation skills or even competence centers. Design Thinking is an innovative and interactive process. Therefore, it engages all different stakeholders. Which, makes it possible to address even complicated problems in a solution-oriented, agile and playful way. Design Thinking requires creative lateral thinking. So, we create the perfect atmosphere with energizers and brain activations. Different modules can be booked for this purpose. Starting with a 3-hour Flashlight teaser session, a 1-, 2-, 3- day bootcamp or a 3- to 5-day tailor-made facilitation training on a topic of your choice. Our bestseller is the Design Thinking Flashlight, which you can book in our shop.

You have a specific project in mind where you need method support?

All innovation and transformation projects that we coach, start with an in depth understanding of the specific needs of each stakeholder. We guide you and your team through a user centered and creative innovation process.

Depending on your needs and preferences, we offer:

  • Holistic Innovation Coaching & Consulting
  • Project-related Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Transformation Consulting
  • Customized Innovation Thinking Training
  • Design Thinking Trainings

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