Re-invent your life regularly!

Do you know these moments when you feel not satisfied or fulfilled? When you question many things in your life? When you wonder if what you do every day will lead to real long-lasting meaning and happiness?

We humans from time to time start questioning our whole life purpose, especially when bigger changes happen from outside or when we reach a point where we always thought we might be happy but we don’t feel that euphoric.

What’s my life’s journey about?

Sure, we can live our lives without many questions and doubts and react as well as possible to live’s challenges. But when we do so, it often feels like there is a big gap between our life’s reality and our dreams and individual needs which can lead to frustration and even depression.

Maybe you already decided to change something in your life, because something is missing, you feel unfulfilled yearnings, dreams and needs or you are stuck in a state of latent dissatisfaction and stagnation.

If you are in this kind of situation and you wish to actively find your best answers to the questions “what could / should I do?”, “what fits me?”, “what’s my life’s purpose?”, then this is exactly for you!

Design.Your.Life. is a holistic life coaching approach that integrates design thinking and coaching.

The D.Y.L. team would love to help you with our experience and tools to “design” your life according to your best ideas.
In our workshops, seminars, retreats and individual or team coachings, we take you on a playful, creative journey towards your new life. It does not matter what you are dreaming of and you want to change. It’s your decision what you want to work on and what you want to share.
Have we sparked your interest? Then we look forward to coaching you!