Are you also self-employed and, like me, are thinking about HOW you want to run your business? What rules do you want to play by?

Especially in the time of Corona, I think these considerations have increased a lot for me and for everyone. It was and is a time for me to do things anew. And that again is exactly my theme. I love creating things, designing things, thinking in prototypes and learning in feedback loops. That’s the design thinker and innovator in me.

In this blogpost, I want to share with you my 10 golden business rules that give me guidance on a daily basis. Want it in more detail? Then listen to my podcast episode #11 – my podcast is called High Performance Filling Station.

I have always been someone who loves to define my own rules, to look strongly within for insights and knowledge, to follow my own intuition. Because only then can I be sure that the strategies also fit me and my business. Because what is right and works for you doesn’t have to be good and work for me. Because everything I do has to fit my energy, otherwise it’s not coherent, neither for me nor for the clients, then there’s an incredible friction loss of energy and nothing moves forward.

That’s why I help my coachees in my Design.Your.Business. Programme or in my Design.Your.Personal.Brand Masterclass, I help my coachees to find their own way and in particular to deal with their own energetics and that of their business.

What I find helpful is sharing my golden rules. I love Golden Rules, they are guiding principles that give me orientation and also always new homework.

I myself have mastered quite a few changes in the past few months, due to the fact that my business was hit quite hard by the Corona Lockdown.
I haven’t stood still, I haven’t despaired, and I have worked on myself in particular, done deep inner work, so to speak. And I invested quite a lot in that, knowing that investing in myself is always the best thing to do. Because I create everything from within. So I was able to reinvent myself and my business once again, to fit myself and my business even better into the world and to the people.

In a time when the energy outside is changing as much as it is at the moment,
and in which we are all changing faster than ever before,
businesses must not stand still.

It will certainly not be the same after Corona as it was before Corona. Even if a part of us might wish that. In nature, in the whole universe, there is no regression, only growth, evolution, continuous change. It is our subconscious that longs for what is known and proven, because it supposedly gives us a feeling of security. But it is an illusion.

To outsmart the subconscious here, my golden rules help me. Because they give me a strong feeling of security, the feeling of being on the right path, even if I don’t yet see the goal clearly or don’t know how to get there in the first place.

My 10 golden business rules are:

1. the same practices always produce the same results.
No matter what the issue is, if we always do things the same way, we will always get the same results. If you want different results, you have to do things differently.

2. my intuition is more important than my mind
You can do everything sensibly and conservatively, follow best practices, trust smart advice and sophisticated strategies, play it safe or do what others do. Exhausting! There are other ways, too, if you rely completely on your intuition. And if you don’t know how to do that, then let yourself be coached here, it’s the best investment in yourself ever.

3. my energy is always decisive
How well I succeed in the things I tackle, how many clients find their way to me, how good the feedback is, how high the turnover is in the end, that really maps completely as a correlation with my perceived energy or vibration. Knowing this, I have now developed certain routines that help me keep my energy high.

4. only abundance creates more abundance
We all know it, but we keep making the same mistakes here… Lack attracts more lack and abundance attracts more abundance. Similar vibrations attract each other like magnets. If you want your business to flourish, you have to do everything to get into a vibration of abundance.

5.  In every problem lies an opportunity
When problems present themselves, we have a choice between two attitudes:
You can say “oh no, how unfair, a problem, this is hard, this is bad, this is just what was missing” or you say “okay, what do we have here, I want to understand, because surely I am learning something now, this is another opportunity for me”. You notice how the second attitude immediately opens up a different solution space. The first strategy will lead you more into avoidance strategies, the second into real innovation strategies.

6.  Being copied is a compliment
Many people are afraid of being copied and therefore channel a lot of energy into protecting themselves and looking closely at what others might copy from them and how. Since I have always had many good ideas, I was and am also copied. In the meantime, I see this as a compliment. It encourages me to keep on being creative, to never stand still, because it’s always my output from yesterday that is copied.
7.  There is no competition, only growth.
Does competitive thinking dominate your mindset, even if you call it sportsmanship, for me it has something of hunter and hunted and I don’t want to be one or the other in this game. Instead of worrying about competition, I prefer to do my thing, focus on my strengths, my uniqueness and watch how I make the most of it. This feels free and I am a creator.

8.  Only holistic approaches create true joy
In order to create true abundance or joy, the ecological, social and economic aspects of every action and economic activity must always be taken into account. If we don’t, we live blinded or have feelings of guilt or at least discomfort, which we in turn like to suppress.

9.  Exceeding expectations gives me pure joy
When I was studying economics, I was taught that every company had to aim at maximising profits, otherwise it was an NGO or a non-profit association. I re-define the principle as maximising joy. 10.

10.  The ability to reinvent oneself at any time
What totally reassures me in highly volatile and uncertain times is my deep confidence in my ability to reinvent and reposition myself and my business at any time. I have been able to do this many times and I know that I will continue to do so in the future. I consider this to be a very decisive future ability that forms the core of my coaching competence.

These 10 golden rules are the most important ones for me. They are the principles that guide me in business every day and that I pass on in my Design.Your.Business. Coaching.

I offer holistic, energy-centred life & business coaching for people who want to reinvent themselves. My main target group are mothers who, on parental leave or after returning to their old jobs, realise that the old world is no longer working for them. Because that’s exactly my story too, my child really changed EVERYTHING. That was the time when I first developed this coaching programme for myself, then I started to help others with these techniques.

Do you know anyone who is in a situation like that? Do you know anyone who wants to or needs to reposition themselves?

During the lockdown, I also offer reduced energy compensation for my Design.Your.Life. and Design.Your.Business. programmes for those who are on a tight budget right now. Talk to me about it.