For many years, I have been driven by the topic of how we humans can shape our lives in such a way that we are truly happy and fulfilled. Without compromise. There are thousands of pieces of advice, books, blueprints and the like. The whole yoga tradition is about finding an individual way to reach enlightenment, to come into a permanent state of joy.

Our society tends to make us all take and follow a conformist path.

We don’t learn how to find our path for ourselves and then walk that path. Those who break out of the norm usually have a hard time. This conventional conformist path makes some people happy… but many suffer from it.

I find the shamanic view very apt, which always emphasises that we humans have to pay attention and wake up, because otherwise we would run the risk of just playing a role in someone else’s life movie. This goes hand in hand with a feeling of not really living our lives, of not really being alive, of not knowing the meaning of our lives at all. This is what yoga philosophy also calls avidya, delusion.

When I began to occupy myself with philosophy about 15 years ago, I was really alarmed at this point. I did not want to be deluded! No way! And it shook my true nature awake… I loved the non-conformist ones as a child, like Pumuckl and Meister Eder, Pipi Langstrumpf and Secret Agent Lennet.

Today I look up to people who create extraordinary things and see them as my role models, expanders and mentors. These are people who never conformed and found their own way, who also had to master defeats, who never gave up, who did everything necessary to freely develop their uniqueness and genius. Such people inspire me, such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Vishen Lakhiani, Tony Robbins, Brandon Burchard, Richard Branson.

I have found that there is no way around individually creating your own blueprint and your own life. Orientation on others may inspire, as soon as it comes to copying, it is no longer yours.

Today I would like to share with you one of the most important models I have designed. The model is meant to help you better understand which dimensions are important if you want to holistically create your own life over and over again.

Some call it self-optimisation, others manifestation machine. I simply call it the Holistic Life- & Businesscycle Model. It helps me to live each day in abundance and freedom. It makes me realise again and again where I have weaknesses and so I always get my wheel going again.

We humans have two different basic tendencies and often choose one of these extremes:


– GIVING versus TAKING, or


WANTING expresses itself in structure, planning, optimisation.

Allowing in lightness, letting go and receiving.

For a long time of my life, I was more on the strenuous path of struggle, giving and wanting. I was taught that you have to work hard for everything, which is also reflected in sayings like “life is not a pony farm” or “nothing comes from nothing”.

This was expressed in my life in such a way that I always felt I had achieved more than everyone else. I think it is only through this personal experience that I am now able to recognise the second possible path so much more clearly and to combine these two paths again and again.

In the meantime I feel both sides very strongly in me, WANT and MAY.

For me, the Holistic Warrior is a symbolic figure for this. A warrior needs clarity and determination, techniques and strategies on the one hand… and he also needs to be able to let go, regenerate, sit back and celebrate victories.

For my holistic work, it is therefore valuable to have a model that unites both sides. We live in a world of duality, there can never be only the one. Many people today ONLY talk about letting go, receiving… probably because most people have forgotten this and struggle. I see that too. But it can also cause confusion because it is only part of the reality in our dual world.

I like to use a complete model. That way, everyone can bring their strengths to bear and put more focus where previously unused levers lie.

So let’s look at the model.

It should show you how ingenious a perfect balance is between knowing/being able/solving and being allowed.

You can imagine it as a cycle with 4 phases, which you constantly repeat for all areas of life.

1 = KNOWLEDGE: This is about understanding, for example, who you are and what you need and want from life. It is a clarity issue. It is a very important focus of my work to help people understand themselves.

2 = CAN: The second dimension brings you into concrete doing and giving. Just knowing what you want and need will rarely manifest anything in your life – neither the man of your dreams nor the child or finally the possibility of turning your passion into a profession. You have to get into action.

3 = RELEASE: The third phase brings you into ease. In everything we do, there are always parts that are not under our control. Yoga philosophy always says “detach from the fruits of your labour”, “don’t do anything to get something”, “let go of expectations”. You give it into the hands of the higher.

4 = TO RECEIVE: The fourth phase is one of receiving. This is often the true art of not just sitting back, but making yourself fully ready. Some people are capable of giving but have difficulty in receiving. Only when you learn this too, everything in your life will flow more.

A model only makes sense if it is helpful in relation to your life.

Ask yourself:

Do I know who I am and what gives my life meaning, what I want more of?
Do I have the right techniques to get me there more?
Can I let go and trust in the way things are going?
Am I ready for the next level, or am I just dreaming about it?

I myself get stuck again and again, I don’t realise my full potential, I need a view from outside, impulses, a coach. Since I have been working almost constantly with a coach, this manifestation cycle has been much more fluid. My quality of life has increased tenfold and I know that there is still so much more to do. I am so grateful. Because I don’t even want to imagine what my life would be like without all the clarity, without all the methods, without the ongoing inspiration, without the professional support.

This is exactly the attitude to life I would like to share with you in my podcast, the “High Performance Tankstelle” and in the Facebook group “Holistic Warior Xperience”.

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Until then all the love

BE happy – KNOW your mission – CREATE your life!

Yours, Annette