Are you meditating yet?

What is it anyway?

Do I really need it?


There is a lot written and spoken about meditation today. Supposedly all influential and successful people meditate now.

In this post, I want to talk about why meditation is so important if you want to be a high performer, a holistic warrior, an unstoppable and extraordinary person who goes above and beyond every day.

Because yes, clearly, people who meditate regularly describe tremendous positive effects. Subjectively. And now also objectively measurable. I can also confirm this. In the meantime, I see a clear correlation between the intensity of my own meditation practice and, for example, my business success.


So what does meditation do to us?

What is this gain?


From my point of view there are 3 crucial points or dimensions, which you only experience in the state of meditation and also not necessarily in every kind of meditation. For me it is not so much about the length, but about the depth and the regularity.

  1. You come into a state in which you can fill up with an infinite amount of energy for free.
  2. You get into a state of absolute clarity, detached from the past and free from foreign influences and limiting thoughts and feelings.
  3. You experience yourself as pure consciousness that creates reality, transcends time and space.


You can also learn more about this in my podcast episode #31, where I also guide the highly effective Holistic Warrior Meditation.


Want a brilliant daily meditation practice that changes you and your life?

I teach you my approach to reinventing yourself at the quantum level and the respective meditation and alignment techniques in my Quantum Life Foundation program. It’s worth it. It has so far changed the life of every participant decisively and for the absolute positive. I personally love meditation. It has changed my life. I have been looking for a suitable way for a long time. In the meantime I prefer to use my own guided meditations very regularly. I use meditation specifically to put myself in a state every day that helps me to master my life and challenges in the best possible way. Because I realize every day how important meditation is for my day to be really good, I do it, preferably first thing in the morning and it is now usually easy for me to get up earlier for it.

Of course, meditating in some way is always better than not meditating at all. My goal is to help people achieve extraordinary results, real quantum leaps, with the help of meditation. Therefore, I use meditation in my coaching programs to anchor things anew in depth. This requires different guided meditations depending on the goal. Yes, it is a super tool to reprogram things in your subconscious. So it can’t be just one meditation that is exactly the perfect one for everyone and in every situation and throughout your life.


What actually happens when you meditate?

Your state changes. When you meditate, you enter a state that is beyond waking, dreaming and deep sleep. You enter what is called a fourth state, which is difficult to describe, but which brain research has now been able to measure. It is similar to deep sleep, but you are not asleep. You are fully conscious and clear. Your brain shifts to the theta brain frequency.

In this state, our conscious part connects with the unconscious. The ego becomes silent, the self shines forth. We experience ourselves in our full truth, our true greatness becomes palpable. Deep states of meditation can change everything.


Yes, everything is possible. For people who meditate regularly.


For people who want to become Holistic Warriors, I have created a special morning meditation. You can listen to this in my podcast in episode 31 and join in or sign up for the newsletter and you will automatically receive the download link.


All the love

Your Annette