Are you also a person with a high sensitivity for transitions, caesuras and new beginnings? The first year of the new decade is coming to an end. Who would have thought it possible 1 year ago, the changes we all had to master this year?

Trends of the 2020s

A year ago, I was working on my personal 2020 vision, as I do every year. This was before COVID-19 loomed on this scale, but I was researching trends and was very convinced that in this decade themes such as the search for meaning, transcendence, energy medicine and digitalization, and nanotech would be very defining. I also stumbled across a TED Talk by Bill Gates, who warned of a pandemic threat from killer viruses back in 2012.

Inspired by this, I created my Vision 2020 – where my main topics were: Digitizing my business fields of yoga and coaching, deepening my study of neurology and energetics, the laws of the universe, manifesting. I realized that I wanted to reach, inspire and move more people – which required new formats.

I let my WHY grow even bigger in the process. My big goal is to make people into Holistic Warriors, a special species of heart-centered people who are courageous, role-model, have a clear vision, fully develop their genius, succeed and make a real difference in the world. After the outbreak of COVID-19 and the associated turbulence, I am even more convinced that there is an urgent need for this new type of human being and even more – there is a need for a strong community of such “leaders of  love”, of diverse backgrounds, interdisciplinary, far-sighted, responsible and visionary, leading us into a new golden age on the Earth. The Vedas and Maya scriptures predict the latter for exactly this time.

Thanks to this vision, the turbulence of this year did not affect me so much. Surely, my yoga studio makes blatant losses since April, I miss the students in the classes, the togetherness, many customers could also not carry out the planned business projects, so also not easy for my coaching and innovation business. Purely financially, I would have to lament.

With a big and clear vision, everything becomes easier – you know the direction!

It’s amazing though, since I had my big vision in mind the whole year, it was very easy for me to adjust my goals very quickly and act accordingly. From Lockdown Day 1, I was going via livestream. I think because I already had this on my agenda for 2020, it wasn’t on any day that I felt overwhelmed or necessarily wished for the old back. On the contrary, I see many benefits, especially a better balance with my responsibilities as a mom.

COVID-19 as a growth opportunity

COVID-19 gave me a real boost to drive the digitization of processes and new formats. In particular, I worked on developing completely new and ingenious coaching programs and invested in coaching myself anti-cyclically to move forward here energetically and with business know-how.

Currently I am working on my vision 2021, I love to look at trends and the future, because after all I intend to live in the future and not in the past.

Do you see clearly for 2021?

My goal is exactly to help people find clarity in life, have a vision, set big goals so your soul doesn’t get bored, and also achieve them with ease. I want to help people live a Holistic Warrior Lifestyle that is simply awesome and makes you happy so that life becomes that much more intense! Everything in my 2021 vision will be about just that.


Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself as you do your vision work:

– What were the happiest moments in 2020?

– What did you miss in 2020?

– What did you learn in 2020 – about yourself / about others / about our world?

– What motivates you to get up in the morning?

– Who are the most valuable people for you?

– Who is your role model?

– What is close to your heart? What makes you happy? What fills your life with meaning?

– Where do you want growth for yourself and in the world?

– Assuming everything is possible, where and how do you see yourself in 5 years?

– … and how do you see yourself in 1 year?

Start with clarity and awareness in 2021!

To have your attitude towards life, your concept of life and your whole lifestyle to a new level in the new decade, I have developed ingenious programs. Together it is always easier, also I believe that many people approach their lives, decisions and visions much too cerebral. In my coaching we do things differently! It becomes easy! It is fun! It works immediately! Join us!

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To have your attitude towards life, your concept of life and your whole lifestyle on a new level in the new decade, I have developed ingenious programs. Together it is always easier, join me!


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