Become a HOLISTIC WARRIOR® – a new person who is energetic, courageous, visionary and innovative, who lives his truth, leads and shapes the world!

Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf


Every person follows a strategy, a plan in life – consciously or unconsciously.The team of HOLISTIC WARRIOR® is specialized in supporting people holistically in their transformation. For this purpose we offer ingenious innovative and sustainable highly effective coaching programs.

With us you learn playfully and incidentally also the most important future skill of “reinventing yourself”. With this you can do everything NEW at any time – in your life, including your career and your business. And that’s not all: we specialize in working deeply and in harmony with the universal laws of manifestation. With this quantum-physical approach, you will not only get there very quickly, you will also stand out, be a lighthouse, a true leader, a role model.

We are convinced that NOW is the time for a whole new type of person, the HOLISTIC WARRIOR®, who will shape the world of tomorrow, who will lead with vision and courage, who will be a true role model and change the world.

In our programs you will learn how to reinvent your life, your career or your business absolutely coherently and with ease and how to sustainably reposition yourself. Our vision is to help people who are ready to make an impact in the world and unleash their potential do just that. Should you prefer a comfortable, average, frugal life, then this is not for you.

Do you want to be a true leader, a successful heart-felt business, do you want MORE across the board, and do you want it fast, then we should talk urgently.

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® methods work on the deepest level and are therefore highly effective.

Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf

BECOME A CREATOR! Every person follows a plan in his life – whether he wants to or not. Some make the plan themselves, others follow a foreign plan.
For most people life means rather stagnation, because every day is more or less a repetition of the previous one.
Many avoid anything that doesn’t seem easy or convenient, simply out of fear of risking something, losing something, or failing with something new.
Perhaps you dream of living a different life, one that is not a predictable repeat of your past? Do you wish for a life that tingles, that brings joy, that feels light and meaningful? Do you feel that you are created to make an impact in the world and make a difference? THEN YOU ARE A HOLISTIC WARRIOR® AT HEART!

BE happy – KNOW your mission – CREATE your life!

Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf


Hello, my name is Annette Böhmer, I am Holistic Warrior and the founder of this holistic and innovative coaching company for high performance and holistic and sustainable life & business design.

My big goal is to turn people into Holistic Warriors, into a special species of heart people who are courageous, go ahead, have a clear vision, fully develop their genius, succeed and shape the world of tomorrow.

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® programs and services help you live a holistically fulfilled lifestyle that I call HOLISTIC WARRIOR® Xperience. The programs are for anyone who wants MORE than an average, adjusted and humble life every day.

I’m focused on coaching people in one of the most important future skills, being able to reinvent themselves, and their business or career, at any time. I show you how to become a HOLISTIC WARRIOR®, how to become a whole new person, how to achieve a whole new quality of life – because “average” and “normal” were yesterday!

Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf


To feel one’s purpose and see a clear vision.

To ask yourself questions about the deeper meaning, purpose and motivation.

To grow through life’s challenges.

To challenge the status quo and to take action despite reacting.

To re-invent one’s personal and professional life regularly.

To be always ready to reach higher levels in any area of life.

BE a WARRIOR – not a worrier!

Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf

We are all modern warriors (office heroes, managers, athletes, moms & dads, …) who desire and deserve to be outstanding, successful, happy and healthy. However, we often struggle in our lives with insecurities and obstacles that separate us from our true selves and our full potential.

The mission of HOLISTIC WARRIOR® is to help individuals, teams, businesses and organizations find their unique path and realize their full potential. So that they can grow beyond their expectations and make a difference in the world every day.

We offer transformative and sustainable programs – read more under “Programs” or contact us.
Our mission is to spread the Holistic Warrior® Xperience to the world. To that end, we also offer a number of free services: Blog, Podcast, Holistic Warrior Experience Community and the DYL Challenge.

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® – the new and holistic way of real transformation

Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® coaching will lead you to a quality of life that we call “Holistic Warrior Xperience”: a life of High Energy, an agile and successful life of true abundance.

HOLISTIC WARRIOR® takes you on a playful journey of innovation. You choose what you want to focus on:

Your energy (Design.Your.Warrior.), your life design (Design.Your.Life.) or your business design (Design.Your.Business.).

Become part of the HOLISTIC WARRIOR® Xperience!

You are the creator of your life!


We take you on a playful and innovative journey by combining methods of design thinking, positive psychology, philosophy/ethics, non-violent communication and applied natural sciences (quantum physics, astrology, epigenetics, neuroscience).

We train and coach you professionally via modern coaching formats that are flexible in time and place, in individual or group settings. You can get to know our transformative work through many free offers.

We also offer customized holistic transformation programs for entire teams and companies that want to reinvent and reposition themselves for the future. Talk to us.

At our university, you’ll learn how to teach these great things to others. Become a certified Holistic Yoga Teacher or a certified Holistic Coach. These offers are not yet online, but you can register for them directly. Just get in touch!


Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf
Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf
Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf

Upcoming events


02jan15:0018:00Workshop “VISION 2022"Live online workshop for clarity and goal setting.

11jan(jan 11)12:0014(jan 14)13:30Design.Your.Life. Challenge (kostenfrei)Holistic Warrior Online Live-Challenge - 4 Tage jeweils 1,5 Std Input & Transformation

15jan0:0023:59Holistic Warrior® Sequence - 75h Training via Online-course & Live-WorkshopsHolistic life transformation program to recharge, realign, reinvent and make all things new!

24jan0:0023:59Design.Your.Life. 12-Weeks-ProgramHolistic life transformation program to recharge, realign, reinvent and make all things new!


01febAll DayQuantum Life Foundation 4 Weeks ProgramTransformative energy coaching, apply the laws of the universe and become a magnet for abundance.


03jul(jul 3)0:0009(jul 9)0:00Yoga Hike & Bike Retreat6 days of Yoga and Outdoor activities - define yourself anew!

Holistic Warrior - Coaching in Düsseldorf

“DesignYourLife has changed me forever. I am so grateful to Annette for reminding me of my potential, of my true greatness, through her program. My attitude towards life has completely changed over the course of the 12 weeks. Of course, there are still difficult hours and moments in my life – and my journey is just beginning – but now I have learned valuable and effective tools to master them powerfully and to keep growing. Life is far too precious and wonderful to keep going down the same dead-end paths.”

Maria Kirchhoff

“We had a wonderful design thinking workshop with Annette with potential customers for a new product. The workshop was very valuable for the further course of the project and a great experience for all participants esp. our customers. Through Annette’s yoga and skills, not only the mind but also the physical sensations were not neglected. Simply great and inspiring!”

Robin Buhl, Deutsche Telekom

“I loved the Design.Your.Life. coaching a lot, the coaches, the inspiring group, the great and fun tools. I am an artist and I resonated a lot with visualizing my minds thoughts, dreams, frustrations etc. It was exactly what I needed. I found clarity, I defined my personal and professional vision and my why. Since then I feel like moving on much more structured, much faster and I feel the effect a lot, every day!”

Ulrike Mayer-Trede

“I can really recommend these workshops. I participated in the pilot and it was amazing and helped me a lot. Go for it and design your life!”

Jens Augustin

The planner is geniously structured, as it includes or combines both an appointment planner and mindfulness training. I also find it very practical for me that I have all areas of life listed in one calendar.

Kati E.


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